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Master Jimmy Snowberger,

I’ve been studying Tae Kwon Do since 1991. I am a 5th degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and Karate Do.

I also help teach Tae Kwon Do & Grappling at Snow’s.

I hold two world titles in Tae Kwon Do and I competed in Hawaii in the 2000 US National Martial Arts Teams World Class Championships. I hope to continue in my Martial Arts and some day be able to open my school. Before I got involved in Martial Arts I wrestled from the time I was 7 years old until I graduated from Delphi High School in 1989.


I started my Martial Arts training in June of 2000 with the want to get in shape and learn how to fight. Once I started I became hooked on the training. The class offered a wide variety of teachings through great instruction from Shihan Jim Snowberger with a family atmosphere, great learning environment, and competitive competition. I learned how and what it took to became a Martial Artist. I strived to achieve my belts and in achieving Brown belt, I began training as a Sempai (student teacher) learning to become a Black Belt. In July of 02 through a lot of learning, training, and hard work I made a great accomplishment achieving the rank of 1st degree Black Belt. I continued to train and began the next steps in furthering my education as a Sensei. In August of 05 tested and received my 2nd Degree Black Belt. I look forward to continuing my journey with Snow's and eventually testing for my 3rdDegree. I would like to begin training in a new style of Martial Arts Jujitsu, Judo, or possibly in some MMA being a big fan of the UFC. I want to continue to train and compete and possibly have a school of my own to teach my future children Martial Arts.

Sensei Randy Calvert




 My name is Allan Fehrholz.

I started out by taking my granddaughters to Snow's Martial Arts youth class. That was in 2007. In 2008, my oldest granddaughter was old enough to go into the adult class. But, she was wary, not knowing what it was going to be like. So, I told her that I'd join the adult class if she would. I was hooked the first night. I saw how much respect everybody had for each other and how everybody was glad to give a helping hand. In a short time, the dojo had a family atmosphere to me. With the encouragement and guidance from Shihan Jim Snowberger and the other instructors, I found going through the ranks was knowledgeable, eventful, and fun.

In 2009, I had both of my knees replaced. Along with the therapy I had to do, I went back to class at the dojo when I was able to. I believe in learning to stretch and do the workout exercises through martial arts. It helped me to recover faster than I normally would have.

While preparing for a tournament, I learned a Bo Staff kata (routine). You might say, with the Bo Staff I found my little niche in life. In July of 2012, I started teaching the Bo Staff. I was able to capture first place in the April 2013 tournament.

I received my First Degree Black Belt June 9, 2013 and became a Sensei (teacher). I feel a certain pride in myself by accomplishing the rank of Black Belt at my age. I'm now setting my sights on getting my Second Degree Black Belt. 

Besides learning the art of self defense, martial arts for one thing, has taught me that in most cases if you give people the respect they deserve, you'll get respect back. 

 I started martial arts in 1985 studying Kempo Karate at a local school, we were very motivated to learn but not really big on testing for belts, and it held my interest for a couple of years but “something” about the training just wasn’t enough for me. My interest changed and I went for a more aerobic type of class and studied Muay Thai kick boxing and judo for a few years in Lafayette Indiana, but sadly that school suffered the fate of many and closed.

I focused on sports and fitness for many years until a chance meeting with Master Snowberger on the sidewalk in downtown Delphi. Always the gentleman, he asked how I had been and what I had been up to and invited me to train with him and few guys at his school, no strings attached and no commitments. This is nothing like most schools that want the equivalent of a two year gym contract to join, so with nothing to lose I gave it a try.  

Joining Snow’s Mixed Martial Arts Federation, or Snow’s Tae Know  Do and Karate Do as it was called back then, was one of the best decisions I ever made. I’ve given Brazilian Jiu-jitsus a try and even some MMA since, but it’s hard to match the chemistry at Snow’s. I’m happy to be back and to realize, “Home is where the heart is”  

 Sensei Robin Lee 


Third Degree Black Belt in Snow's Mixed Martial Arts

Sensei Wyatt Miller

I started at the age of 17 years old. I trained in U.S.T.A. and then I moved to Indiana. I earned a first degree black belt in TaeKwonDo.  Then, I joined Snow's Mixed Martial Arts. I was made an First Degree Black Belt in Snow's Mixed Martial Arts, December 20, 2011. I assist MASTER Jim Snowberger teach kids and adults and I also teach class at least once a month. I learned a new style of mixed martial arts and it's called Karate Do. I will be going for first degree in Karate Do and second degree in Taekwondo in November sometime.

 Sensei Paul Pinkard 



My name is Joseph Telfer.

I have been studying Tae Kwon Do since I was 5years old at Snow's Mixed Martial Arts Federation under Grand Master Jim Snowberger.  I started Tae Kwon Do because I thought it would be neat to do karate and advance through the different ranks (or belts) so one day I could teach karate to other students.  Overall, I have learned Respect, Responsibility, Leadership, Tae Kwon Do and Karate Do techniques and skills.  I already have had the chance to teach other students, and compete in many competitions.  Along with Tae Kwon Do and Karate Do, I have also learned and have become very skilled in Nunchaku, along with currently learning the Bo Staff.  My next weapon that I plan to learn is Swords. 

I tested for my black belt on April 3, 2016 and received my First Degree Black Belt on April 5, 2016 becoming a Sensei (teacher).  As I continue to learn and advance, my goal is to become even better in the Tae Kwon Do and Karate Do techniques, continue to improve in sparring, weapons, and leadership, and hope one day to get the opportunity to compete with my dojo in competitions around the world!

Sensei Joseph Telfer


Sensei Hayden Mackey

Sensei Anna Goodrich

                                                   Snow's Black Belts

Kelli Snowberger 6th Dan

Jimmy Snowberger 5th Dan

Wyatt Miller 3rd Dan           

Dwayne Harrison 2nd Dan            

Ron Scowden 2nd Dan            

Paul Pinkard 2nd Dan 

Jeremie Kauffman 2nd Dan 

Vance Larimer 2nd Dan

Randy Calvert 2nd Dan                  

Ray FitzSimons     2nd Dan  

Robin Lee 1st Dan            

David Cain 1st Dan            

Robert Johns 1st Dan            

Jessie Capps 1st Dan            

Jim Ginn 1st Dan            

Bryan Larimer 1st Dan            

Lori Larimer 1st Dan                    

Tab Barnett 1st Dan            

Greg Adams                   1st Dan            

Dave Krause 1st Dan

Allan Fehrholz 1st Dan

Alicia Defriaes 1st Dan  

Samantha Long 1st Dan

Joseph Telfer      Junior 1st Dan

Anna Goodrich     Junior 1st Dan

Hayden Mackey   Junior 1st Dan

Luke Marley  Junior 1st Dan