Snow's Tae Kwon Do

Mixed Martial Arts

Grand Master Jim Snowberger & Master Kelli Snowberger

We welcome you to Snow's Mixed Martial Arts Federation. The school was founded in 1998 By Jim & Kelli Snowberger with the goal to educate you in the art of Tae Kwon Do & Karate Do while strengthening your mind, body & spirit.

To guide you to this goal, you will learn a blending of the traditional ways of martial arts with modern ideas and techniques. We will teach you to have an open mind and to learn from everyone that you meet, to believe in yourself and to strive to achieve higher goals.

Our symbol is the Tiger & Dragon entwined in fight. The Tiger represents earthly strength derived during the early stages of learning. This stage is where the individual is more impressed with his or her own physical powers. The Dragon represents strength, courage, & confidence which come with seasoning. This mental attitude is attained during the individual's later years of training. It is placed above earthly strength (Tiger) since the individual at this stage has learned to develop humility and self restraint. Together they symbolize the constant battle to control the powers of the Martial Arts.

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